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Bulk material handling

All Siperm-materials are suitable for the storage, treatment and processing of atomized and fine-grained bulk materials such as flour, cement, pigments, soot, pesticides or fine plastic powders.

Ready-to-install aeration components

Bulk material handling with pneumatic aeration-components made from highly porous Siperm materials (R, B, HP): These” Ready-to-install aeration-components” are charac-terized by high operating safety, they are efficient, economically advantageous and space-saving. They are easy to install and can be retrofitted into existing silos and systems.

Siperm - Ready-to-install aeration components

Technical details and information on standard sizes can be found in our PDF "Ready-to-install aeration components”. Other dimensions on request.

Custom-made aeration units

Bulk material handling with fluidization cones made from highly porous Siperm materials (R, B, HP or HP antistatic): These aeration units ensure a continuous flow of materials at the precise points in vessels where problems occur.

Siperm - Tailor-made aeration components

Technical details and further information can be found in our PDF "Fluidization of bulk materials". Other dimensions on request.. Andere Abmessungen auf Anfrage.

Advantages at a glance:

  • specific selectable pore size
  • an even air distribution across the entire surface
  • constructive simple solutions
  • high mechanical stiffness
  • suitable for use with food-stuffs (Siperm R, Siperm HP and Siperm HP antistatic)
  • high temperature resistance (Siperm R und Siperm B)
  • high chemical resistance
  • long working life
  • simple installation

Our aeration-units are available in a variety of different designs: Aeration-pads and spots, discs, pipes or funnels with standard or customized fixture. Dimensions and designs on request.

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