High porous sintered materials – Allrounders for highest demands

The use of highly porous sintered materials is indispensable for performing numerous processes in the chemical industry, process engineering and in machinery and plant engineering.

Depending on the requirements - such as aeration, de-aeration, fluidization, homogenization, bulk material compacting, filtration or silencing - the possibility of the controlled adjustment of the specific material properties allows the perfect adjustment of the sintered material to the particular process requirements.

Siperm highly porous materials have a proven track record wherever a material needs to meet high requirements in terms of temperature resistance, compressive strength, storage capacity, backwash ability and chemical resistance. Furthermore, Siperm R, Siperm HP and Siperm HP antistatic comply with the regulations for the handling of food stuffs.

From our materials Siperm R (porous stainless steel), Siperm B (porous bronze) and Siperm HP (porous polyethylene) we produce filter plates, filter cartridges, filter tubes, filter discs, molded parts, suction pipes, silencers, ready-to-install-discharge and loosening aids as well as aeration bottoms / fluidization bottoms in the form of welding constructions. Generally, we produce welding constructions according to customer drawings.

Filtech 2019

Traditional applications for highly porous sintered materials include:

Bulk material handling - fluidization and discharge, homogenization, aeration, hydrophobic aeration, de-aeration, extraction, compaction of bulk material, volume reduction, cooling and drying

Gasing and degasing - forming and inertisation
Filtration - liquid filtration, solids filtration, polymer filtration
Silencing - silencers from porous polyethylene, porous stainless steel or porous bronze
Safety technology, Explosion protection - explosion protections from porous metals, flame arrestors, sensor protection, valve protection, fluidization with antistatic PE

Storage - Capillary transport, storage of fragrances and lubricants, storage of inks

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