Pneumatically operated machines such as compressed air motors, pneumatic cylinders, pneumatic controls and pneumatic valves cause, due to the highly speedy effluent air, considerable noise. In order to prevent annoyance and health impairment of people working in these areas, this noise must be reduced to a tolerable level. Silencers made from SIPERM® offer an effective way to reduce noise levels considerably. Because of their long, tortuous pore channels Siperm high porous sintered materials effect excellent silencing. The airflow is strongly swirled in in the pores, the flow rate is split and the air flow slowed down. While the flow velocity is slowing down, the sound energy is converted to frictional heat (absorption attenuation) and a portion of the sound wave energy is absorbed by the porous body. With normal sound absorbers the total sound insulation effect is approx. 20 dB (A).

We offer silencers made of SIPERM® R (porous stainless steel), SIPERM® B (porous bronze) and SIPERM® HP (porous polyethylene). Bronze silencers are available in various standard versions with thread. In case of plastic silencers there are different geometries – with and without threads – available. First and foremost, we offer our clients tailor-made solutions, manufactured to customer’s drawings, and thus the ability to customize the styles of the silencers in color, shape and design to their spatial conditions and design ideas.

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