SIPERM® – Under this name Tridelta Siperm GmbH offers highly porous sintered materials in many different porosity grades.

Our materials are based on stainless steel (SIPERM® R), bronze (SIPERM® B) and polyethylene (SIPERM® HP).

In general, highly porous materials are characterized by high efficiency, adaptive construction, simplest maintenance, high mechanical and temperature durability as well as good chemical resistance, what brings, as the final result, their long lifetime. SIPERM® materials are available in a variety of porosity grades, which are achieved by varying particle shape, size and distributions of the powders used. Special physical properties such as flow rate, porosity and strength can be precisely adjusted by modifying the manufacturing process.

Highly porous sintered solids are produced by using two different sorts of powders in two fundamentally different manufacturing processes, namely “press sintering” and “loose powder sintering”.

1. Spattered powders – press sintering:

The powders are cold pressed to form a blank of the density required (green compact density). This so-called green compact is sintered at a temperature corresponding to the material, either in a protective atmosphere or vacuum furnace, without a mould, or the use of any additional force.

2. Spherical powders – loose powder sintering:

These powders are filled into a mould and vibration-compacted. Sintering takes place in a mould, without any additional pressing force, in a special furnace atmosphere.

By downstream processes the material properties can be influenced once more in accordance with the process requirements: Mechanical machining for example allows the targeted closing of pores in places where no flow is desired. Shall porous surfaces remain open after machining there are suitable methods such as wire-cut EDM and water jet cutting. Furthermore, the inherently hydrophobic and non-conducting SIPERM® HP can be set up to hydrophilic by after-treatment, respectively can be made electrically conductive through raw material additives.

Our materials SIPERM® R, SIPERM® HP and SIPERM® HP antistatic are food safe. A declaration of conformity for food stuff is available for SIPERM® HP and SIPERM® HP antistatic.

Besides standard plates, tubes, discs, mouldings etc., welding constructions of any size can be made from all SIPERM® materials. Generally, we manufacture according to customer’s drawings.

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