Sensor protection / Valve protection


Sintered porous materials made of stainless steel (SIPERM® R, AISI 316 L) and polyethy-lene (SIPERM® HP, PE-UHMW) are suitable for sensor protection in measuring devices used for the qualitative and quantitative determination of gases or air moisture.

SIPERM® materials have a homogenous pore distribution which induces a uniform diffusion of the gases that are to be detected, thus protecting the often highly sensitive measuring sensors against strong fluctuations. By the targeted and precise adjustment of the material porosity, an optimal synergy between the sensor response speed and the sensor head protection from contamination or flame propagation can be found.

Parts made of porous sintered stainless steel (SIPERM® R) are often pressed and sintered together with the selected solid connection parts by using corresponding tools. This technology allows the production of porous ready-to-mount components, equipped with suitable solid connecting parts, such as threads, flanges or tubes. During the sintering process, stable chemical bonds are particularly formed at the interfaces between the porous and the non-porous materials which lead to a high mechanical strength of the components. By using this method, assembly faults that can occur during similar processes, such as welding, bonding or clamping, are avoided.

There are various solutions available for theconnection of the porous material to the measuring device.

In the case of sensor protection heads made of polyethylene (SIPERM® HP), other properties are at the forefront. The naturally hydrophobic polyethylene provides moisture-sensitive sensors with reliable protection against moisture. In the opposite case, where the material is hydrophilic, it can be used for sensor protection in soil analysis for the determination of moisture content. This porous material can also be directly connected to solid measuring device components, threaded elements etc.

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